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Authenticity, Integrity & Commitment

We take the case that causing a shift in what individuals and groups are able to achieve is not limited by the circumstances, but by their relationship to those circumstances.

One of the most insidious of circumstances is the lack of trust in organizations – it is dramatically missing. There is a dishonoring of one’s word.

  • People do not do what they say;
  • They don’t own up to it
  • They don’t cleanup the messes that they make.

The result is a culture where people can’t count on each other.

Authenticity and Integrity are at the heart of what allows for trust. Our clients are left with a culture where authenticity and integrity are not merely values stuck up on a wall, but are practiced on a moment to moment basis.

“We were fired with enthusiasm; the fuel for that fire was the people, the oxygen was the freedom we had been granted, and the spark that ignited it came from the coaches.”

John Martin

Project Manager, BP