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Alan Ross

Alan’s focus is on supporting executives, entrepreneurs and their teams in achieving extraordinary results. Aside from his one-on-one coaching and strategic organizational consulting, Alan excels at the design and presentation of cutting-edge leadership programs for mid-, senior- and C-level leaders.

From guiding companies in developing corporate visions and shifting organizational cultures to implementing critical initiatives and strategies, Alan’s work spans telecommunications, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software development; health care and professional organizations seeking a competitive edge across the globe.

Alan holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.


“Nancy and Alan have an uncanny ability to facilitate the critical conversations that enable people and organizations to transcend past constraints, while fulfilling on their visions for the future.”

Paul Taltavull

EVP, retired, Federal Data Systems

Nancy Ross

Whether delivering cutting-edge leadership programs, building effective teams or personally consulting executives, Nancy is known for her lighthearted tenacity, authentic commitment and keen insight, which reliably leaves clients powerfully connected to each other and “in action,” producing results beyond the predictable.

Her diverse experience enables Nancy to empower underperforming executives into highly respected and highly productive leaders.

In addition to her professional work, Nancy has served as a volunteer program leader for one the world’s leading transformative education organizations where she is accountable for training other leaders to excel. During her three decades of leadership, Nancy has directly coached more than 10,000 people in creating rewarding careers and lives.

Nancy Ross, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.